Maine's Mutant Canine

Sorry if Blurry
Sorry if Blurry


We're not always comfortable of connecting cryptids with the New England states, especially Maine, but this monstrosity lives in the forests of Minnesota and Northern Maine.


The mutant canine, nicknamed the "dog killer," ironically resembles some kind of bulldog. Weighing about 120-lbs, it has a flat snout, a bushy tail like a wolf's, short, twisted ears like a bulldog, a broad hunch in its shoulders, and a thick, often grey fur coat.


This animal is a serial killer of the canine world. People believe these animals are guilty of killing domestic dogs and possibly livestock. These motive is unsure, but it could be a protecting their territory from domestic dogs.


Misidentification of bears and wolverines is one theory. The extinct dire wolf or an extinct hyena are another. Wolves, coyotes, and feral dogs are another possibility, but together, the produce the most likely culprit. Hybridization between wolves, coyotes, and feral dogs could be responsible for creating these mutants.